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Sailing Trips for Individuals

Join us for a cruise around the archipelagos of the Baltic or out on the open sea. Be a part of the friendships that develop whilst learning to sail. The standard on board is simple and authentic. You get your own berth in a partitioned sleeping area. Below board there is a large lounge for meals and socializing. There is a galley, toilets and saltwater shower on board. Sailing allows us to humbly interact with the forces of nature and with our ship.
No previous experience is required.

This summer, Linnéa is sailing in the archipelago of Västervik.

Daytrips and holiday trips in july: More information using the addresses  below:

Address: Loftgatan 5, 594 32 Gamleby Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)493 101 74     Mobile: + 46 (0)708 78 64 92



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